Cooling tower systems are a critical component of building systems, manufacturing facilities, and power generation utilities.  The use of cooling towers to evaporate water is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to remove heat from any large system.  However, the process has inherent challenges because, as water is lost through evaporation, dissolved minerals remain in the water that is circulating through the cooling tower.   As a result, the concentration of dissolved minerals increases over time, increasing the likelihood of fouling.

Chemical water treatment has been used for many decades in attempts to prevent fouling in the cooling water, however as water conditions change, a need for precise administering of chemicals and regular cleaning of cooling towers is critical, yet usually never followed as recommended by OEM’s.

Toxic and hazardous treatment chemicals, in addition to biological contaminants, tend to rise with evaporative cooling tower exhaust (known as ‘cooling tower drift’) and float unwittingly into surrounding communities or fall onto city streets below, sometimes causing great harm to unknowing workers or unsuspecting citizens.

Non- chemical devices have also had mixed success in the marketplace because of limited efficacy (one-size-fits-all designs; low energy application, etc.) and a poor understanding of how they work.

Reverse Ionizer, LLC has developed an innovative technology that applies ultra-high radio frequency (RF) electric fields directly to the water and has the potential to become a more robust non-chemical water treatment solution, which could be far more effective than any other existing devices or physical water treatment systems.

RI’s patented electromagnetic (ExB) probe system includes these revolutionary features:

  • Use of the Lorentz Force – electric and magnetic field waves in the RI treatment chamber change the morphology of scale formation in pipes, chiller tubes and mechanical equipment.  The Lorentz Force weakens the structure of the precipitation and alters its shape in a way that significantly reduces its ability to adhere to a surface.
  • Adaptable Precision Targeting –  the RI radio frequency signal is maintained by adding or subtracting capacitive & inductive reactance using Voltage Standard Wave Ratio (VSWR) feedback – the result is RI is always treating at 100% efficiency.
  • Impedance Matching Circuitry – allows for bi-directional communication between master and slave microcontrollers to ensure the Broadband Electromagnetic Generator (BEG) and the probe’s 50-ohm impedance, treatment parameters and status is constant.
  • Targeting of the Ionic Cyclotron Resonance Frequency (ICF) of the mineral ions being treated is used to modulate any active, positive scaling ion to keep such as calcium carbonate polymorphs suspended in the cooling water.
  • The default carrier frequency of the electric and magnetic field is 40.68 MHz – RF treatment occurs at 40,000 times a second which is exponentially more powerful than any previously-tried electric or magnetic PWT systems such as the Dolphin WaterCare system.
  • ModBUS / RS-485 between generator, probe and central command monitoring – provides output to any PC, laptop, hand-held, or central monitoring system or device.

These critical features eliminate the limitations of non-chemical devices — specifically, enabling the frequency of oscillating electric fields to be increased greatly and the efficacy of water treatment to be enhanced dramatically.

Reverse Ionizer Technology – Product Overview