Cooling tower systems are a critical component of building systems, manufacturing facilities, and power generation utilities.  The use of cooling towers to evaporate water is an efficient and cost-effective way to remove heat from any large system.  However, the evaporation process has inherent challenges because, as water is lost through evaporation, the dissolved minerals remain in the water that is circulating through the cooling tower.   As a result, the concentration of dissolved minerals increases over time, increasing the likelihood of fouling.
Chemical water treatment has been used for many decades to prevent fouling in cooling water systems,  and  more  recently,  non-chemical technologies  have  been  introduced.   These  non- chemical devices have had mixed success in the marketplace because of limited efficacy and a poor understanding of how they work.  Reverse Ionizer, LLC has developed an innovative technology that applies radio frequency (RF) electric fields directly to the water and has the potential to become a more robust non-chemical water treatment solution which should be far superior to any other existing devices or physical water treatment systems.
Technologies that apply low-voltage, oscillating RF electric fields to water have the potential to deliver categorically more robust and effective water treatment to cooling towers. Prior non-chemical devices, such as solenoid coils and capacitors, apply electric fields indirectly to water, whereas the RF technology under development by Reverse Ionizer LLC will be able to apply electric fields directly to water. This critical difference eliminates the limitations of non-chemical devices — specifically, enabling the frequency of oscillating electric fields to be increased greatly and the efficacy of water treatment to be enhanced dramatically.